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Cool Sites

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any of the content shown outside of this website.


Homestar Runner: Classic flash website. (Req. Flash)

Peasant Quest: This is a great game that mimics old MS-DOS games. (Req. Flash)

AIDungeon 2: Wonderful text adventure where you can do anything you want.

Club Penguin Rewritten: quack..? (Req. Flash)

Candy Box 2: ASCII-based idle RPG adventure game!

Agar.io: Oops! All circles!

Slither.io: Oops! All snakes!


Wikiverse: Wikipedia, as a universe.

Uncyclopedia: Wikipedia, but dumber.

Nested: A (text-only) universe for you to explore.


Mazedude's Magical Website: My friends (horrible) site.

Jackomix: A generic personal website.

elementz: A modern-looking website that has cool things.

Elementz's Meme Generator: why


Chromata: A digital art tool that tries to replicate your pictures.