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Undue Prospekt

Apr. 27, 2019

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Map installation tutorial

This is a map for Half-Life 2. The map is unfinished, and is based around the Nova Prospekt section of the game. If you have never played a custom HL2 map before, I would highly recommend following the tutorial linked. "Undue Prospekt" has been tested on the MEDIUM difficulty, and therefore I cannot gurantee it will be very fun if you play on HARD. (To be fair, HARD modes aren't normally fun.)

Teleporting Teaser

???. ??, 2019

Made by me.

(Bobzilla is my name I use everywhere else on the internet, by the way.)

Update: Project abandoned, working on HL2 maps instead.

"Z 1x3x3 Review (Floppy Cube)" CORRECTION

Jan. 3, 2019

Quick blog post, in the Z 1x3x3 Review, I made a mistake and called the cube I was reviewing a "Floppy Cube" when in fact it is called a "Super Floppy Cube". Why the super? Well, in the review I note that it can have pieces move around OUTSIDE of the normal 6-sided rectangle (as shown in the review's gif). This makes it super, as the normal Floppy Cube can only stay as a rectangle.

I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Happy New Year!

Jan. 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

So it's 2019. Well then, guess I should say my New Year's Resolution. What's that, you may ask? Well, at least for Neocities, it's to actually post reviews/blogposts to my site, of course! Expect more posts especially during summer. For non-Neocities stuff I plan on trying to get more serious into cubing and just in general have more fun.

Cube Review: Z 1x3x3 (Floppy Cube)

Dec. 30, 2018 (Last edited: Jan. 3 2018)

Rating: 8/10

Buy it!

Packaging (4/10)

The packaging... Where do I even begin? Well, since I don't have it on me (I threw it away), I'm gonna describe it to you. Bright colors on each side. Weird... Body parts? Eyes. Teeth. Ears. What do these have to do with a cube? I don't know, but I guess the makers of the cube thought they fit. Anyways, this is a cube that i had to RIP the box open to get in. Why? Well, they made the little tab on the top so hard to open that you have to basically rip it to even try to pull the tab out. This is not acceptable, if you cannot already tell. But your probably thinking, "Who cares about the silly packaging? Let's just get on with the actual cube?" And to that I say...




Yeah, you're probably right.

Stickers 8/10

Now for the stickers. These are definitely good, however they seem to have gone for white pieces which have caused the normally white side to be black. I don't mind that, but I know some people do. Anyways, the sticker placement is good. It isnt horrible, but it isnt perfect. There aren't any stickers that look lazily plopped on by some drunkee, but they aren't the Mona Lisa in terms of stickers. For some reason, some stickers have these weird bumps and holes that from what I can tell, have no reason to be there. The logo is also cut INTO the sticker, and not a sticker itself. This means you cannot peel off the logo, which is something I like doing. Overall, I think the stickering is good. Definitely acceptable, just wish those bumps and holes didn't exist.

Turning (9/10)

The turning is okay. At first it was a bit stiff but after a few minutes or so of using it, it has became acceptable. Sometimes it felt like it was just gonna pop right off though, which I didn't really enjoy feeling. This thing can absolutely NOT corncercut, and it does have to be aligned to turn. This is definitely a downside to it, having to precisely align up the pieces is no fun at all! Anyways, even though I am mentioning a lot of downsides, it actually does turn very nice, especially compared to some other cubes I have gotten. *cough* *cough* Rubik's *cough *cough*

Difficulty (3/10)

This cube is not difficult to solve. How it works is that you can turn the pieces to where you can put other pieces on top of it, making it shapeshift. This might make it seem hard, but really you then just have to put it back to how it originally was, a rectangle. Once it's back to a rectangle it is almost surprising how easy it is to solve. You just have to move the corners to where they should be, and then turn around the edge pieces by moving away the side rows and twisting it. Overall, if you like cubing because it's hard, I would not recommend this cube! This cube is definitely for a beginner, and NOT an expert. Although, it can be fun to solve easy puzzles once in awhile. I do find this cube somewhat fun to solve, If this review architecture had a "Fun" section, I would probably rank it around 7/10, which may seem low, but remember, thats more than half way across the ratings board!

Final Verdict

This is a great cube for a beginner, and definitely something I am happy to have in my collection. I think that if your bored and just want to have something easy to mess around with, this may be the right thing for you. The great stickers and good turning also make this cube worthwhile to keep. My final rating for this cube is: 8/10.

My Cubing Collection

Oct. 10, 2018 #2

I like to solve cubes. If you know me personally, you probably know that. I have a lot of cubes. I plan on covering each of the cubes shown in the picture to the right in better detail every other day, or at least, as much as I can in the timespan I have to work on this website. Don't expect that schedule to be consistent, as I am terrible at being consistent with schedules. Anyways, as a side-note, of the 8 cubes shown in the image, I can only solve 7 of them. I think you can tell which one I can't solve just by looking at the image, so I won't tell you.

Anyways, I should mention that if you want to be like me and be able to solve almost all those cubes I have up there, just go and search up tutorials online! As a start, i'd recommend checking out this video tutorial or this text tutorial that is for the normal 3x3 (Rubik's) cube.

This is my first blog post.

Oct. 10, 2018

This is my first blog post. I am going to try to do a blog now. Why? Well, because I mean, every personal site needs a blog! Right? OK, maybe this isn't the most original idea, but like, I can write about how I had a tasy bag of chips or my twisty puzzle collection!


I am original. 100%.