It's been getting too freaking hot lately, and that thought inspired this article's topic. Seasons are pretty important for the environment. But some seasons are better than others, both in how it is to live through them and in aesthetic value.

For me, summer mainly serves as a vacation season. You get a break from school, and most people choose to have their vacations and trips during summer. However, to be honest, if I could just skip summer and go straight from spring weather to fall weather, I would. I mean, I appreciate the summer break from school, but when you spend most of your time in your room with a computer generating more heat than can be offset by the air conditioner, it can be a bit of a monkey's paw.

Fall is the best season, and I'm not just saying that because I was born in November. You get the prettiest environment, with all the leaves turning the pretty colors and falling onto the ground, but you also get consistently reasonable temperatures. Very rarely too cold or too hot. Not to mention, a good chunk of holidays are set during fall, so it's quite eventful.

Spring is like fall but if you took away the pretty leaves, holidays, and instead allegedly put flowers everywhere. I say allegedly because I have never noticed an uptick in flowers and plantlife during spring. Spring has always felt like just an intermission season between freezing cold winter and scorching hot summer. Spring easily wins the contest for most boring season.

Winter! When I was a kid, winter was my favorite season. You got Christmas, pretty snow, and sometimes school would be closed because of too much snow. But once I moved to West Virginia, a lot of that luster fell away. First off, it barely snows down here. Instead, you just get rain. You might see a tiny bit of snow for a week in January, but that's it. Contrast this with Pennsylvania where snowfall lasts for nearly the entire season. Regardless, today I still consider winter to be a nice season. My body has always been able to resist the cold, so that's never been much of an issue. Plus, it gives you an excuse to cover yourself in warm blankets. Still, no snow just means a pretty drab environment for most of the season. The one good thing about spring is seeing all the vegetation return to their normal green.


Summer < Spring < Winter <<< Fall

Posted June 3 2023 1:47PM