Oh Dear

I did not write an article yesterday. Considering it's barely been over a week into this website's inception, I feel a bit disappointed in myself. However, I do understand why I chose to not write an article. I have not been happy with the quality of the articles lately, and chose not to write one since I felt it would not have been up to my caliber, since at that point it was 9:30pm and I was ready to go to bed. I'm working a full five day schedule now, so my only time to write articles awake is in the morning. The last few days, I have been sleeping in so that I can be well rested for work,

I have decided, so as to maintain the quality of the articles, I will no longer be attempting to write an entire article everyday. That isn't to say that I will not write anything at all everyday, simply that it isn't going to be an article every time. Like I said in the last article, I have plans of creating a "blurbs" section for writings that I feel are not quite long enough to merit being called an article, such as this very article right now. Apologies for the interruption, normal articles (or perhaps blurbs) will resume hopefully tomorrow.

Posted June 6 2023 10:25AM